Cape Town DCs

13:40 There seems to be a peering issue which is affecting connectivity to some servers in Cape Town. Network engineers are investigating.

13:57 Unfortunately, there is no news yet. The DC engineers are still looking for the cause of the problem.

14:40 Frustratingly, they are still searching for the cause of the problem, which seems to be affecting all ISPs

15:15 MTN Business (who provide connectivity to the DC) have confirmed that they have a routing problem and are attending.

15:51 Looks like MTN Business has sorted their problems out, and everything’s back to normal. I am so sorry about this – we pay a premium for the best upstream providers and expect better service than this!

1 thought on “Cape Town DCs”

  1. Hi Steve and thank you for keeping us updated. Glad everything is back up and running.

    Definitely no need for apologies from your side.

    Thanks again for the stellar service.

    Graeme – SDS

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