Dothraki offline

17:40 WordPress MAX server Dothraki has lost connection and is offline. Technicians are investigating.

17:52 Dothraki is back online. No reboot was needed, so there won’t be any post-boot high disk IO slowing sites down. Apologies for the inconvenience.


Tommen: maintenance

15 July 2019 17:30 
Planned maintenance of Apache on the server will commence. Maintenance is indicated to improve performance of your website. We do not expect downtime, but there might be intermittent, seconds-long interruptions.

18:03 Maintenance has completed successfully.

Outage: Johannesburg

03:00AM A number of servers are offline, due to a problem affecting Hetzner’s Samrand datacenter.

Update: Hetzner informs me that the issue is due to a power outage, affecting “a large number of rows [of servers]” and that their technicians are working on the problem.

05:40AM Hetzner appears to have fixed their problem, and servers are booting up. There will be degraded performance (sluggish websites, timeouts) until disk I/O settles down within 30 minutes or so.

Tyrion reboot

The server Tyrion will be rebooted at 4PM today 17 April 2019 in order to install a critical security update.

All websites will be offline for up to 15 minutes, and all website will be slow for up to 40 minutes after the reboot while things normalise.