Cape Town: packet loss

15 August 2012 2:45PM There is currently a problem at our Cape Town DC resulting in packet loss. This means that clients hosted in Cape Town will have problems (very slow, timeouts, inaccessible) accessing their websites and email.

The DC assures me that this will be fixed within 30-60 minutes.

3:00PM update from the datacentre: “We are currently investigating packetloss that is causing severe disruption to services hosted in Cape Town. At present, the cause is still unclear…”

4:10PM update from the datacentre: “Investigation has revealed that the Cape Town datacentre has been the target of a severe DDOS attack. Our network engineers are working to put a stop to the attack. Connectivity issues continue to persist intermittently.”

(Interested in finding out more? Wikipedia article on DDOS)

5:30PM Everything appears to be back to normal. If you’re having any problems, please submit a support ticket so that we can take a look.

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