Arya offline

10:40 AM The server ARYA is offline. We’re investigating the problem.

10:45 AM The problem has been found and fixed. The server is now online.


Emergency maintenance: Arya

UPDATE: The time for maintenance has changed to 17:30 The server will go offline at 17:25

The Hetzner datacentre has informed me that the RAID alarm for the server Arya is currently sounding.

This means that either one of the hard drives has failed and requires replacing, or that something has gone wrong with the RAID configuration.

I have scheduled emergency maintenance for 5PM this afternoon, 25 January 2017.

The server will go offline at 4:55PM and should be offline for no longer than 40 minutes while the technicians work on it.

I will ensure that a full server backup is made before the server goes offline, to ensure that no data is lost.

Your emails will not be affected in any way as they are hosted on a separate mailserver.

Please accept my sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Servers offline

03 June 2016 9:56 AM

Three servers are offline. It appears to be a problem at the datacentre, which is being investigated.

Affected servers:

Email 4

10:03 AM Hetzner has confirmed a networking error in their Samrand DC which is being worked on.

10:05 AM Hetzner seems to have fixed the problem, all servers are now accessible.

Daenerys inaccessible

2 May 2016 5:38 PM Daenerys ( is currently inaccessible due to what appears to be a network problem at Seacom / Hetzner. I’m still waiting for feedback from Hetzner.

5:45 PM Daenerys is accessible again, but connections are slow. Still waiting for feedback from Hetzner.

5:56 PM Inaccessible again. Still waiting for Hetzner to respond.

6:02 PM No feedback from Hetzner yet (email or phone) but they have updated their “Network Notices” page with the cause of the problem: a DDOS attack:

  • DDOS – Network connectivity – Johannesburg data centre (2016-05-02, ATTENDING)

    Start: 2016-05-02 5:53:48 SAST
    Resolved: TBA
    Status: attending
    Point of impact: Truserv and Co-Location customers
    Symptoms: Truserv and Co-location customers will have intermittent connectivity to their servers.
    Cause of problem: DDos
    Estimated time of repair: TBA
    Attending: Hetzner Engineers

Source: Hetzner Network Notices

6:20 PM Daenerys appears to be 1oo% accessible now.