Major maintenance: Littlefinger

Monday 18 February2018

In order to upgrade the OS of this server from CentOS6 to CentOS7, the server needs to be shutdown, the OS, cPanel, CloudLinux and other software updated and reinstalled and then the accounts need to be restored to the server from backup.

The process will start at 6PM tonight and should take around 6 hours. The few remaining websites remaining on this server because they are not using our nameservers will be offline during this period. Emails will not be affected.


Maintenance: Tyrion

20 January 2019

Between 6:30PM and 7:30PM this evening, maintenance on the Apache webserver will require a few restarts of Apache. This will results in a few, short periods (not exceeding a few minutes) during which websites hosted on this server will be inaccessible.

Lannister: Emergency Maintenance

15:40PM The server Lannister  has to be shut down in 20 minutes in order to replace a cooling fan which has failed.
The fan must be replaced urgently to prevent overheating of the server and to avoid the possibility of data loss.

16:00 Lannister has been powered down

16:05 The faulty fan has been replaced

16:06 Server is booting up now

Websites will be slow for the next 20 minutes or so as everything settles down. Thank you for your patience.

Greyworm DDOS

9:50PM We’re working hard to mitigate a DDOS targeting two sites on this server. Sites on this server will be unresponsive until the attack has been stopped.

10:20PM Almost there, we’ve stopped 90% of the attack, now blocking the last sources.

10:33PM Things are almost back to normal. Server iowait is a bit high, so sites will be a bit slow until that is resolved. Thanks for your patience, and apologies for this inconvenience.

Bumblebee offline

21 September 2:50PM

Server Bumblebee is offline. Technicians are investigating.

3:15PM The problem has been found, and technicians are working to fix the hardware fault.

3:26PM The problem has been fixed, and the server will be booted up shortly

3:37PM Still waiting for the server to be booted.

3:45 Server is booting up now. For the next 10-20 minutes or so, websites and emails will be slow while disk IO is high after the reboot.