Dantari offline

11:15 There’s a problem on Dantari, which we’re working on.

11:39 The problem has been fixed, and Dantari is rebooting. Because the server has been online for so long (327 days) the OS is doing a filesystem check, which cannot be avoided. This should be completed within 30 minutes, and then the server will complete booting up. Sincere apologies for the inconvenience this is causing.


11:49 filesystem check is at 64%

11:55 66%

12:03 71% completed

12:08 83%

12:13 the filesystem check is 90% complete

12:17 filesystem check has completed, and boot will continue

12:20 Dantari is back online, load will be a bit high (slow sites) while the disk I/O settles down after the reboot.