Network Issue

16 February 2012

We’re aware of a network issue affecting two servers:


which has made them inaccessible, and we’re working on it.

update 07:49 It’s been identified as a RAID issue, the DC’s engineers are on the phone to HP to work on a fix.
We have no ETA at the moment.

update 08:20 HP engineers are onsite now and we should have a fix shortly.

update 08:50 the HP engineers are still working on the problem…

update 09:14 The engineers say they’ve fixed the problem, so we’ll be booting these two servers now.

update 09:22 both servers are back up, but until the disk IO settles down after the reboot, please expect slow page loads. Everything should be back to normal within 15-20 minutes.

update 09:56 Fudge is back to normal, but Mojito is still experiencing very high load. We’re working to get it down.

update 10:15 Mojito is running normally now.

7 thoughts on “Network Issue”

  1. Hi guys, I think I’m usually also on your server “Glee” – I think it’s also down, I’m unable to access any of my content (site, webmail, cpanel etc).

    Ping shows it as unreachable on server IP:

    Tracert shows it gets to [] and then that’s as far as it goes…

    1. Hi James. That IP address indicates that your site is on the server “Fudge”. Terribly sorry about this, but we’re at the mercy of the HP engineers and have to wait for them to fix the RAID problem.

      1. Cool, I’ll walk away… plant some seeds or something and come back later. I think the fewer people trying to access the server the better.

        Give to time to pull itself towards itself.

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